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In the past 2 weeks we have been to the ER for both of us and new doctors. The multiple Nurses as well as the Physician and Residents having to catch them all up in just a few minutes of years of chronic issues. Every time going through the entire listings of what brings us there in the first place THEN comes the tsunami of information to them on medical History ...the many diagnoses...procedures and the yes almost 1 1/2 page list of medications. I'd say within the first 1/4 they are overwhelmed and we have looked like this the entire time. To be honest I feel extremely embarrassed and anxious just writing/sharing how extensive all of this is for both myself as well as Michael but I know there are so many out here that experience this same thing in their own life and feel they are just as embarrassed as they don't feel they can open up about it. You are not alone. Michael and I try to share our journeys individually as well as together knowing how alone we have felt and even still do alot of time. Even if it helps one person outside of us that is worth it. Anyhow, I'm sure Michael and I are not alone in feeling this when explaining our Medical History. We usually receive comments like "thank you both for being so organized with the information & having lists this helps us so much" "you both have definitely been through quite alot in these years" "it seems you have definitely tried about everything to help relieve it let's see of we can help with even a small fraction of that" "wow that definitely was alot the warning didnt disappoint" "well I've got a good amount of information here so lets see what we can do together" "ummm yeah *refers to their notes* yeah I've got some stuff here let talk to the other head Physicians and see what they think you'll see them in just a few" I am so grateful for Michael because with my brain fog I have alot of difficulty and when symptoms flare it all goes down. I refer to my lists and then it even makes comprehension of my own lists difficult I know what I have gone through daily for atleast 12 years now. We try to break it down by area or conditions but it all ends up jumbled.Difficult but we try our best as do medical staff